See your business KPIs in a snapshot.

Give instant KPI access to the key players accountable for the performance of your business.

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 What is Truste?

Truste gives you instant access via text messages to review snapshots of your business KPIs.

Connect your bank, Square, and Quickbook accounts to see your important KPIs at a glance in your text message app.

Give access to your executives, managers, leaders, investors, and any other key players important to your business. 


Send a text message at anytime to receive instant KPIs.

Unlimited Visibility

Get unlimited visibility via text messages into your KPIs. 

Instant Access

Send one text message and instantly 

receive the KPI totals you need. 

Live KPIs

See in the moment KPIs with Square and Quickbooks.

Cookies and Coffee

Keep everyone on the same page.

Make informed decisions quickly.

Connect your key players to the most important business KPIs with a text message.



Easily connect

thousands of banks.

KPI data from

Square and Quickbooks


Check your business KPIs

with a text message.

Don't lose sleep worrying about business performance. 

Give your key players access to make the right call.



Give access to your key players with a single text. 
Instant access via text messaging
Profit & Loss Snapshot
Unlimited Connected Accounts
KPI Snapshots (via Square)
All future KPIs added for free

 How does it work?

Text "Truste" to 1-818-806-6070 to create your account.

Link your accounts and send key players instant access.

Text the same number to review your KPIs snapshots anytime.




Account Owner Charges
No Commitment. Cancel Anytime
* All fees are charged to the Account Owners account. Visit "How much is TRUSTe" on the support page for details.
* The Viewer has unlimited access to assigned accounts by the Account Owner for long as the Account Owner allows.

Is Truste right for me?

My business success depends on the success of my leaders. 

Does reading reports and talking to your

accountant take up valuable time?

Give access to and hold your executives, managers, and leaders accountable for their performance.


Access to your investors give them transparency and builds trust for future investment. 

I lose sleep not knowing how the business is doing.

Are you apart of a business that you can not review reports every moment of the day?


Truste allows you to hold yourself accountable.


Give yourself peace of mind to access business performance snapshots, with a single text message.