What do the red and green highlights mean?
Red quickly signals you that you're either making less than last year on income lines or spending more than last year on outgoing lines. For green, it's smooth sailing, you're either making more than last year on income lines or you're spending less than last year on outgoing lines.
Can I see my report at any time?
Yes, your reports uses a special secure link that never entires. Search your text message reports and click the link in the report you want to review, or copy and paste it to view on your desktop.
How can my key players see my reports?
Simply text the word "Share" in your text thread and add your key player's phone numbers. They will have free access to your reports for as long as you allow. They can even control the times and days when they receive your reports. For one time sharing, simply send them the secure link from the specific report you'd like to share.
Copy and paste the URL to view on desktop.