Give access to your key players with a single text. 

• Up to 5 Connects Accounts + Viewers

  (Including Account Owner)


Our price structure is flat and simple.

No Commitment

Cancel Anytime

$24/month Normal



• Unlimited Connects Accounts

• Unlimited Viewers

Instant access via text messaging
KPI and P&L Snapshots
Automatic daily reports 
KPI's from Square, Quickbooks, Stripe
All future KPIs added for free

Annual: $468 ($39/month Unlimited Accounts + Viewers).

Text "Share" at anytime on your text thread to give access to executives, managers, leaders, investors, and anyone important to your business. All you need is their cell phone number.

Text "Connect" at anytime to add any of your accounts to see instant KPI's.

*Once a bank account is added, the account owner is considered accessor number one

* All fees are charged to the Account Owners account. Visit "How much is TRUSTe" on the support page for details.
* The Viewer has unlimited access to assigned accounts by the Account Owner for long as the Account Owner allows.

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