Simply select annual or monthly and you'll automatically graduate from "Free".



•  1 Financial Accounts

•  Unlimited Reports



Save $120


   Combination of 3

•  Up to 3 Financial Accounts 

•  Up to 3 Connected Shares

•  Unlimited Reports



Save $120


   Combination of 10

•  Up to 10 Financial Accounts 

•  Up to 10 Connected Shares

•  Unlimited Reports



Save $120


•  Unlimited Financial Accounts

•  Unlimited Connected Shares

•  Unlimited Reports

Text "Connect" at anytime to add additional accounts.

Text "Share" at anytime on your text thread to give access to key players.

*Once an account is added, you can immediately begin to access reports.

* All fees are charged to the Account Owners account. Visit the support page for details.
* "Share" accounts have unlimited access to review the account owner's reports for long as the account owner allows.

Text "Hello" to 818-806-6070 to begin.
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