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What do you need to get started?
All you need is a cell phone. If you're a Viewer. Have your account owner text the word "TRUSTe" to 1-818-806-6070 and follow the steps. If you're an account owner, within 60 seconds you'll have access to give access to your executives, managers, and investors. You will need the cell phone number of each person. You receive a text message to confirm. They'll have access instantly.
Can I invest directly through TRUSTe?
No, TRUSTe is not currently an investment platform. TRUSTe allows you can monitor the bank account totals and summaries. For account like square, TRUSTe can give you access to customer growth and other KPIs.
What is the minimum?
One Viewer is the minimum for an active TRUSTe account. The account owner acts as the first Viewer.
Is this an investment platform?
No, TRUSTe is not currentlyan investment platform. Similar to accounting software, it monitors bank transactions and KPIs. 
How are the P&L reports calculated?
The P&L reports that are sent via text message, by adding up the sums of the incoming and outgoing transactions of the linked bank accounts. 
End User Agreement
To close your account, you'll need to text the word "Close" followed by "Stop"in your thread. Your account will be paused and you will no longer be able to access your immediately. Even if you still have days left in the monthly service. You can text "Start" at any time to resume your remaining days. Note that all of your data lives on your phone and not in our database. Once your account is closed you can reopen your account at any time by texting the word "Start". If your payment method is invalid you will be instructed the enter new card details. 
Why do I need to log in?
There is no online portal to log into. Everything interfacing with the account owner and Viewer is done with your native Android or iPhone text messaging app.
What information do I need to log in?
We don't use traditional methods of logging in. All you need is a cell phone number and we'll do everything else.
Can I login through the web and mobile (cell phone)?
There is no logging in required when using TRUSTe. If you need help want to cancel your account text "Help" to 1-818-806-6070 and we will assist you. 
How do I delete/cancel my account?
Text "Help" to 1-855-TRUSTe-1 and we will assist you in deleting/cancel your account.  All tiered fees will stop immediately upon us deactivating your account. Please give a grace period of 48hrs for all account changes.
Can a Viewer be removed?
Yes. You can remove an Viewer at any time in your account. Text "Help" to 1-818-806-6070 and we will assist you in removing a Viewer. Please give a grace period of 48hrs for all account changes.
How do I limit or give access to an Viewer?
Text "Help" to 1-818-806-6070 and we will assist you in limiting access your accounts. Please give a grace period of 48hrs for all account changes.
Where can I request additional access as an Viewer?
Please contact the account owner directly to request access to any specific feature or Text "Help" to 1-818-806-6070 and we will assist you.
Yes. Text "Help" to 1-818-806-6070 and we will assist you in changing your accounts phone number. Please give a grace period of 48hrs for all account changes.

Text the following parenthetical at any time to perform the action described.

Text (Go) to start a new TRUSTe account and link the accounts you'd like KPI's to share. 

Text (Who) to view all snapshots options from the accounts you have connected to your TRUSTe account.

Text (Share) to give snapshot access to your key players.

Text (Connect) to add bank account to your TRUSTe account. You can text (Share) to give access to these accounts.

Text (Pay) to add your TRUSTe payment method through Stripe. 

Text (Invite) to Share TRUSTe with someone you'd like to use TRUSTe for their own business.

Text (Auto) to turn on/off daily automatic KPI updates for this week.

Text (Close) to close your account and unsubscribe.

How much is TRUSTe?
TRUSTe has four rolling tiers. The pricing is based upon the collective of Linked Accounts and Viewers attached to the account owner's bank account(s). As additional Viewers are add by texting "share", they are added together as a sum and the account owner in charged accordingly. As the total Viewers and Linked Accounts increase, in perpetuity, the account owner's account advances into higher tiers. The account owner is charged on the day they sign up by texting the listed TRUSTe phone number. Viewers and Links Accounts can be removed by emailing 
How often are payments withdrawn?
The account owner is charged on the day they sign up by texting the listed TRUSTe phone number, based account owner tier. Viewers are totaled and accounts are charged on a rolling 30 day cycle.
What determines a charge?
The account owner is charged based upon the TRUSTe four tier system. Please refer to the "How much is TRUSTe" section.
Which accounts can I use?
You can attach Square, Quickbooks, Stripe, and any bank account supported by Plaid.
How do I remove account?
Email and we will assist you in changing your accounts. Please give a grace period of 48hrs for all account changes.
Your privacy is the most important part of our business. Our equations use the accessed accounts to produce summaries that are only visible to the cell phone that pulled the data. Once the report is calculated and sent to the customer, our AWS server automatically discards the data. The data lives on the users phone in their text thread until they decide to delete the thread on their own.
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